Types Of Dish Wash Liquids

As much as you can imagine are the various types of dish wash liquids you can create in your home. The nature of dish wash liquids depends on the elements used in it and the process followed to make it. Generally dish wash liquids options are unlimited and can be made in various types.

But in general there are dish wash liquids like basic dish wash liquids, milled dish wash liquids, glycerin dish wash liquids and cosmetic dish wash liquids. These dish wash liquids vary according to the material used to make them.

Although the type of a dish wash liquids depends greatly on the material used to make it, it also depends on the process followed to make it. There are basically two process followed to make a dish wash liquids. The processes are –

Cold Process

Cold process is a method which does not require external heat source to initiate saponification or the dish wash liquids making. Although in this process heat may still be required to melt fats or oils that are in a solid state at room temperature. Sometimes the heat is also applied to speed up the process. To make a dish wash liquids using this process the lye solution is mixed with the fats and oils and stirred to blend well. Essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, oatmeal or other additives are also added at light trace, just as the mixture starts to thicken. This mixture is then poured into wooden molds to get hardened.

Hot Process

Hot process is a traditional process of making dish wash liquids which is still used by many dish wash liquids makers. In the hot process method of dish wash liquids making, fats and oils are boiled in a lye solution which is either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. After saponification or dish wash liquids making has occurred, the soap is sometimes precipitated from the solution by adding salt, after which the liquid component is drained



To choose natural dish wash liquids and use is the smartest thing to do. The natural dish wash liquids are usually made from Glycerin pure vegetable oils such as rice bran, olive, coconut, cocoa butter and shea butter whereas other soaps (synthetic soaps) are full of artificial fragrances, colorants or preservatives animal fats and petroleum productsthat can never be good for skin. Soaps other than natural dish wash liquids have harsh detergents and chemicals causing cancer. The soap makers try to make these soaps very attractive and full of appealing fragrance but it has no such qualities, which should be there in dish wash liquids. These dish wash liquids make your skin dry and itchy. The natural dish wash liquids manufacturers are dependent on the plant-based ingredients for dish wash liquids making which makes your skin soft and smooth.

The most essential benefit of the natural dish wash liquids is the true benefits of aromatherapy added in the dish wash liquids. The dish wash liquids which includes aromatherapy products is simply good for your body because the body absorbs whatever is applied on the skin. The handmade dish wash liquids with essential oils, will retain the natural oil of the skin and the spa dish wash liquids make wonders by pampering your skin making it supple, the essential oils will work wonders on your skin and proved to have improved emotional well-being and immune system.